Hijab – The Religion of the Heart

Hijab -the Topmost Culture of one’s Character, behind every culture and tradition,” The essence of it is to live the life of purity”, to enrich and cherish the transformational life. The purpose of life is to please the divinity, and “The Divine Being is the pure conscious state of heart, mind and soul.

“The elevated success lies in satisfying your own heart and soul”. Wearing Hijab is one way of pleasing divinity, and developing once life to the level of perfection. “Hijab in itself is the Personification of Beauty.”

“Hijab is Humility.” “Humility is serving the Humanity” and be the exemplary of True leadership” and is the role model in shaping the character of every heart and soul, to change one’s state of mind, and to sharpen once intelligence.

The Religion of Heart is follow the culture and to live the life of Royality.

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