Woman -The Sacred Beauty of the Universe

“Woman’s beauty is adorned in its creativity” Her divine love islimitless, her beautiful character and pure heart outshines the universe, The power of her strong character nutures the nature. “Her divine mercy is the real beauty bringing auspiciousness, and enlightens different culture and traditions in charismatic way, she is as precious as heart and soul of one’s life, that beautifies the purpose of existence, “Every Religion starts and ends with the understanding Woman’s Heart.”

“The essence of her greatness is the sacrifice behind her smile” “The magnetic smile attractsprogress, bliss and success.

The secret blessing from her pure heart admires the almighty and fulfils every dream in an extra ordinary way, invites immortal glories and fame.She shouldalways be kept happy and should be served in best possible way, out of genuine love and affection.

Selfless love, free from once desires, is one of best gift to be offered. “Her extraordinary beauty is admired in her Shyness’’.

To bring immense pleasure in her life, one way is,”To decorate her natural beauty with different colours that brings light in her Life”.

“Protection is to rise once Consciousness”,To elevate and enlighten once confidence and character, This rarest gift oneshould keeprendering to invite achievements in her life, is a gift if “HIJAB”

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